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Health 2.0 - Europe 2013


Fecha/s de realización: 18-11-2013
Horario: Jornada completa
Lugar: Londres, Inglaterra


Europe Fall 2013 banner

Europe Fall 2013

London calling!

Health 2.0 Europe is moving to London. The city’s vibrant entrepreneurial spirit and dynamic investment community make London the perfect place to take your Health 2.0 initiatives to the next level.

“I want to see patient outcomes improve and I want a more effective, high-value health service − it’s all of you who will make this a reality.”
– Tim KELSEY, National Director for Patients and Information at the UK Department of Health and 2013 Keynote Speaker

Health 2.0 Europe is about leveraging the international Health 2.0 community to promote cross-pollination of ideas and technology collaboration. Mark your calendars to join the best in health technology for brilliant keynotes, thought-provoking sessions, networking, and a code-a-thon: November 17-19!

Everyone in health innovation has a reason to attend:

  • Health entrepreneurs learn about the latest trends, meet new players, survey competitors, network with potential integration partners, and flirt with investors.
  • Investors spot the latest trends and investment opportunities, and engage with future game changers in health technology.
  • Health professionals discover tools that will transform their daily practice and enrich their relationship with patients.
  • Patients experience the latest in personalizing their access to online medical information and co-producing their own health.
  • Pharma and suppliers discover new ways to listen, connect, and collaborate with patients and doctors.
  • Payers and insurers witness LIVE demos of the technologies that have the highest potential to improve outcomes and reduce costs.

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